NoorNation is the first African Egypt-based renewable energy startup bridging life essentials through decentralized infrastructure solutions for less-served areas in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Made by Africans to Africans, NoorNation is the first African Egypt-based renewable energy developing & manufacturing start-up, bringing fully equipped decentralized energy and water infrastructure solutions to the off-grid sector across Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Product

LifeBox is an innovative mobile solution for green infrastructure delivering clean energy and safe water at an affordable price, all designed and manufactured in Egypt, Africa. It is a solar-powered, self-contained, and fast-deployable unit that is contributing directly to the industrial localization movement as well as sustainability governance to give peace of mind to our customers; farming & tourism businesses and rural communities for achieving their triple bottom line; social, financial, and environmental growth.

A glimpse from our projects

West El-Menya


Cairo - Ismailia desert rd.


Thanks to NoorNation team, LifeBox Unit has generated all Reminkimi Farm needs with clean energy 100% and less prices

I've never experienced such a high-quality solar system partner as NoorNation Team. Especially through maintenance.

LifeBox Unit has a creative feature that makes it competitive to international solutions. I really recommend NoorNation team for everyone.

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